Showpark Ranch & Coast, CA

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We liked Del Mar so much that we ended up staying one more week and doing another show there, the Showpark Ranch & Coast Classic. The weather was perfect and the show was delightful. 

Here are a few snapshots, but if you would like to see some fabulous shots from the show, check out our dear friend Sharon's site at!i=1854224780&k=zwnk3wH 

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Del Mar National Horse Show

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We were proud sponsors of one of the oldest and most prestigious equestrian competitions in the Western United States, the Del Mar National Horse Show. A delightful 3-week show that for over 60 years has portrayed elegance, excitement and excellence featuring world-class horses and riders for Western, Hunter/Jumper and Dressage competitions. Enjoy with us some of the photos.

We were right next to the international arena

Telling one and all the story of the greatest hats of all time...
The Del Mar National Horse Show Interational Arena
Bo Dereck was there for the Opening Ceremony
Western grins :)

Two jumping champs: Rich Fellers and Flexible

Dressage master, Steffen Peters  

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Maserati Miami Beach Polo 2012

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Beach Polo is quite different from field polo. Besides playing on sand, the teams here consist of three players rather than the usual four. The court is also smaller. Another unique asset of the Miami Beach Polo World Cup is that it incorporates a very popular women's tournament. Here we were sponsors and vendors as well. Our hats are great for the beach and even more so for Miami’s style! The weather in this occasion was not on our side! A great storm developed during the weekend and the Sunday final was cancelled due to the inclement weather. Nevertheless we thoroughly enjoyed this experience and joined the after-party at the Raleigh Hotel. 

Visit our facebook page for more shots from this event.


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Nespresso 108th US Open Polo Championship 2012

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Our participation in the Nespresso 108th U.S. OPEN Polo Championship, at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, was nothing less thn memorable. The quality of the club as well as of the event was great. Sundays are the days for the best matches and people in Palm Beach are always expecting the adrenaline of the games. Whether they rent a space for tail-gating or are part of the Sunday brunches at the Pavilion, they make sure to have a grad time making their own experience while watching the matches.

There is a lot of style all over Polo life. The game as a whole is a lifestyle, players really find their metier (talent) in this field as they are able to control the horses and be true acrobats while moving at high speeds on their efforts to make a goal. On the other side, the spectators find polo matches as an opportunity to hang out and showcase their unique style by wearing their best outfits. And here is when we came in: our hand-woven hats are the best complement for the most exquisite people in the world. So we made a great match. We had the opportunity to sell and communicate our mission during 3 Sundays of the Championship. The experience was great! We also met great people, including Aaron Carter who picked up his one of a kind hat from our Kolors collection! After every match we always joined the after party at the IPC pool with nice music and cocktails. It was Sunday and people just kept partying like a Friday! The final had Zacara as the achiever of the cup. 

Visit our facebook page for some shots from this event.


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METIER first came close to the equestrian world in Ecuador during a FEI Panamerican Championship that was held last year in Guayaquil. This event drew many delegations from countries like Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina among all of who recognized right away our world-famous hats. We made sure to share the story with everyone we came in touch with about the wrongly named, perfectly made "Panama Hat" as they called them and how they have always been made in Ecuador. The hats were the most popular item during the 5 day event. On the last day everyone had their own METIER, nobody with the same hat as someone else. Everyone loved their hats. People appreciated the breezyness of the natural straw that provided their faces with shade and felt so light. The one of a kind style each METIER hat has gives everyone the confidence to wear their METIER with great attitude. It was there that someone mentioned Wellington. After having such an enriching intercultural experience with the panamerican event we got really excited about being part of the Winter Equestrian Festival 2012 (WEF), the longest equestrian event in the world drawing olympic, amateur and junior athletes from all over during 12 consecutive weeks. 

The WEF has been a priceless experience that allowed us to connect with a passionate, determined, authentic, joyous group of people that have reinforced our mission and motivation to do what we do. It is a stepping stone that has opened so many paths and new opportunities that we'll make sure to share with all of you as we keep moving forward. For now we want to share some of our moments over the past 12 weeks experiencing the equestrian lifestyle.

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