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METIER first came close to the equestrian world in Ecuador during a FEI Panamerican Championship that was held last year in Guayaquil. This event drew many delegations from countries like Venezuela, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina among all of who recognized right away our world-famous hats. We made sure to share the story with everyone we came in touch with about the wrongly named, perfectly made "Panama Hat" as they called them and how they have always been made in Ecuador. The hats were the most popular item during the 5 day event. On the last day everyone had their own METIER, nobody with the same hat as someone else. Everyone loved their hats. People appreciated the breezyness of the natural straw that provided their faces with shade and felt so light. The one of a kind style each METIER hat has gives everyone the confidence to wear their METIER with great attitude. It was there that someone mentioned Wellington. After having such an enriching intercultural experience with the panamerican event we got really excited about being part of the Winter Equestrian Festival 2012 (WEF), the longest equestrian event in the world drawing olympic, amateur and junior athletes from all over during 12 consecutive weeks. 

The WEF has been a priceless experience that allowed us to connect with a passionate, determined, authentic, joyous group of people that have reinforced our mission and motivation to do what we do. It is a stepping stone that has opened so many paths and new opportunities that we'll make sure to share with all of you as we keep moving forward. For now we want to share some of our moments over the past 12 weeks experiencing the equestrian lifestyle.

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Nespresso 108th US Open Polo Championship 2012

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March 04, 2014

I believe the lo Impact would be best for my horse. I adeptod her from a rescue about a year ago at 4 years old she was totally out of work. For the past year we have been focusing on correct muscle development. I have had to have her saddle adjusted about ever 3 months as she is changing so much so rapidly! It seems to fit her OK, but could be better. She is becoming quite the fun dressage horse scoring a 70.5% at our last recognized show:) Pretty good for a little PMU rescue I try to spoil her and give her the best tack I can afford. This pad would be a great addition!


February 28, 2014

MTH.. He’s a CUTIE for sure And lots of CHEST to him .He sorta reminds me of our first dog when Mr Ford and I moved back to fl in 1983.. His name was DOOBIE LOLShepard and African Besingi.. the baslekrs dog.. corkscrew tail and all.. and he was a thigh biter..had fighting claws also Would not come back if you called him..EVER.. He would be next dr one lot over at my brothers house and he REFUSED to return back home. You had to drive over and open the back dr of the car to bring him home One day we had him tied up to an overturned 22 ft long canoe in the back yard.. That damn dog dragged the canoe 160 ft..2 lots to get at a poodle in heat LOL LOL.. Poodle owner was not happy.. Animal Control thought it was the funniest thing they ever saw POWER OF THE POO TANG .. We did not get a ticket for that trick Then we move to our new house from our rental Doobie disappeared on day two 16 ft long boat rope and all.. We looked all over for him..Even went back to the old house.. 10 miles away..No doobie Then day five.. A kid that was working with Mr ford at the same plumbing company comes into to work telling everybody about this crazy ass dog that wont let him into his own house LOLSo he is describing this dog to mr ford.. they leave work and go to the house.. Sure’s DOOBIE sitting on the front porch.. Rope and all LOL LOLLOL The kid who lived there was the son of our previous land lady . and he had NEVER met Doobie . One crazy ass dog for sure

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