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This is Hugo here. This is a blog post with a professional as well as personal focus. 

I am from Ecuador so Spanish is my first language. In Spanish Polo can be used both to refer to the sport and to denote a extreme, like “pole” would do in English. After the Raleigh Hotel party that closed up the Miami Beach Polo event, I visited a dance club with a group of friends. I soon got bored and suddenly I found myself in the streets of South Beach in a total different context: talking to two home-less people. In a matter of seconds I went from one extreme to the other! I realized how lucky I was to be so healthy, clean, of having a great family and friends, my own job, shelter and food every day and a mission in life. I sat with them on the street for a long while trying to make sense of all of this. One of them was a woman who just can’t look at your eyes when she talks because she’s literally “gone”. The other one was a very nice old man who even in his austerity and humble condition was transmitting me peace by saying that everything was alright, that he is "ok" because he is still alive. I came to realize how hard and extreme their lives are when there is so much opulence all over the streets. At the end he even offered me the only thing he had: a piece of cardboard to sit on to have some rest. 

We live in an unfair system. Masses of people walked past them and no one seemed to care. Things must change in the near future. We must develop a just society where no one needs to sleep in the streets and suffer hunger. We must ACT and not just complain, or even worse pretend we don't see it.This was the way I ended my stay in Florida before going to California to capture the great energy of the Pacific Ocean! Inspired by people to be the change I want to see in the world. 

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