Don't stop believing; hold on to that feeling...

After 24 days and with 7.223 miles behind us we have a lot of catching up to do.

The truth is that a road trip was never in our plans. California wasn’t either. After the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Florida we were kind of in a pickle. We were nowhere near the point of paying back our angel (who truly believes in us), nor pay for the scholarship. Luckily enough new opportunities, and with them new doors, started opening up. After the polo events in Florida we made it to California and instantly felt the good vibes. It felt as if we were exactly where we needed to be. 

Being able to sponsor the Del Mar National Horse Show was a wonderful experience all around. Not only did we enjoy a world-class show featuring some of the best horses and riders (look up Rich Fellers and Flexible for that matter), but also got the chance to meet wonderful people and get our hats on some of the greatest heads out there; which include Mr. Steven Spielberg. You know our saying: “If you want to be a head, wear a hat!” 

(Photo credit: Patti Newton)

A couple more shows came up in the L.A. area for which we didn’t mind driving back and forward from the County of Orange (O.C.) as we were staying with family. The warmth and love of family and the feeling of “home, sweet home” filled us up with strength to keep on keeping on. Then our road trip back to Miami started. We had three scheduled stops: one in Colorado (4 day show), one in Gladstone, NJ (4 day show) and one day in NYC (the meeting for “The Classic”). The rest was just going to be camping out throughout the way. Packed to the roof with everything from our personal luggage to a 10x10 pop-up tent (needed for our booth), we made sure to count with 3 sleeping bags, 2 camping tents, an iphone, a GPS, and lots of good energy.

While at WEF we kept hoping for a miracle in order to be able to stick to the "plan". Now we understand that the miracle consists in every single moment we are able to live our dreams and follow our hearts. A miracle that has nothing to do with financial goals; that goes beyond the imaginary boundaries that can do nothing to stop you as long as you don't stop believing... 

We have now told our story to countless of people that share with us the emotion of rescuing such noble lifestyle as is the weaving of fine straw hats by hand. We now feel stronger with the support of a growing community that values talent, dedication, perseverance and passion. 

 We’re going to leave it here for now with one last thought from John Lennon:

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”

Life is here and now. Enjoy every single second.

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