Bull riding

So I've heard way too many times that you have to "take the bull by the horns". I'm not sure this applies to bull riding, but it certainly does to this, our first official post: 

Hi! I'm Diana! Together with the guys we are going to be sharing our experiences with you on our blog through our journeys with METIER, our life project! We'll share our dreams and hopes, our musings and feelings and wish to encourage everyone to get more emotionally connected to their own realities, our here and now. The choices we make today really DO shape our future in every way. How do you envision your future? What do you think you'll be eating 30 years from now? I am particularly optimistic about everything so I envision a flourishing, diverse, evolving community floating around the globe like a moving island; that has a mostly vegetarian diet :)

The idea is that each day one of us will have to make a post. My post today is called "bull riding" because after begging to have a fan in our booth for the past 10 weeks finally we got one today and I couldn't be more grateful. It came from who I call our equestrian angel, a great friend from Canada who is always willing to do the best he can at all times. Today, he went to the farm and brought a big box fan from his barn to our booth (see photo in next post by Diana). He also rides bulls. He is the first bull rider I have met so I can also scratch that off my list of "memorable people to meet". He is a really cool guy and he is helping us keep it cool too.

We'll keep these posts short too so that's me for today. 

Love all!


p.s. I'm overly excited about this and I hope I can get you excited too.

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