We make a difference by being different

We are life force energy in shape and motion creating memories and emotions. 

Realizing that we are all the same is how we make the difference. Our vision is to live and share in rural areas the best of both worlds. Having the weavers communities in the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes as our neighbors and being recognized as members of the same community allows us to collaborate in the most direct way with love and appreciation for the artisanal work behind each hat. We want to be the bridge connecting the rural lifestyle of the Andes rich in nature and ancestral knowledge with the future of our kids, practicing organic agriculture, living in a sustainable way, growing free to play, preserving their connection with nature. This is the way we are experiencing life over here and from where all of our hats are coming from.

Our goal is to build a weavers sanctuary here in the mountains, the school of mastery of crafts and mysteries of life, a place for you to come visit and connect with the land, the history and the millenary traditions alive till this day. We will be soon open to visits, expecting all of you to come and connect with this amazing world with so much to explore. Be welcomed to; www.villatoquilla.com 


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