We make a difference by being different

Our main focus is on empowering the people with who we work directly, focusing not only on the individual but their entire family and community. 
We are a proud sponsor of the first student from the Galapagos Islands to receive a world-class education through EARTH University in Costa Rica. Meet Micaela Solis, a leader of change in the making.


Preparing the leaders for the sustanaible future of Galapagos islands

Micaela Solis graduated at her school in Galapagos and immediately went to join her new classmates for her next 4 years. She became part of the select group of 100 world-wide leaders to study at EARTH University in Costa Rica. Here is where Hugo, Metier's co-founder (left in the picture) graduated in 2007. A world-class education in sustainable agriculture, natural resource management and community development will help Micaela to solve some of Galapagos' social and environmental issues. METIER donates a portion of its profits to make it possible for Micaela to take advantage of this great professional and personal opportunity. Learn more about her development and experience in our Blog