Are your hats unisex?

Yes all METIER hats are unisex.

Where are your hats from?

All METIER hats are hand-made and designed in Ecuador.

Are there different sizes?

Yes. Our sizes range to suit most heads, whether you describe yours as peanut sized or just plain huge.

How do I know my size?

Have a look at our “How to measure your head” and “Size chart”

What if I fell in love with one of your hats but it is not my size?

As most METIER hats are one-of-a-kind it probably means it wasn’t meant to be, but remember that they all have an inner adjustable band that can make the hat one size smaller.

I’m going on vacation and I want to take my hat with me, how do I travel with it?

Your METIER hat comes with a waterproof bag perfect for travel. We suggest you tie it to your hand-bag or carry-on luggage so that it is always at your sight and that way you make sure nothing smashes its crown.

How should I take care of my hat?

Since they are made by hand and with natural materials METIER hats are really good quality hats. The only 2 things that you need to avoid is water and smashing the crown of your hat since they are pressed hats and they could lose the shape if any of these two things happen to them.

What if my hat got wet?

If your hat got wet pad dry it and let it dry up naturally away from the sun.

How do I clean my hat?

If you got a stain on your hat just spot clean it with a damp cloth and soft soap.

For any other question you may have, please feel free to send us a message, we love to hear from you.

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