Hats Size and Care Guides

 Measurement Guide

Note: All of our hats have an inner band to adjust the size of the hat. It works with a velcro that allows you to reduce the size one number. So, for example, if your size is M (medium) you can also buy L (large) hats.

Metier Hats Care Guide

Don’t get your hat wet.
  • If your hat gets wet let it dry naturally. Excess heat dries the delicate straw and makes it prone to cracks.
  • Store the hat in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.
  • Use the brim to put on and take off your hat.
  • Do not roll. This is a pre-pressed hat.
  • Remove marks with a damp cloth and regular soap.
  • The brim may get distorted under humid conditions. To restore its shape use a damp cloth under a warm iron to re-flatten.
Don’t smash the crown when not in use.
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