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METIER supports a tradition that has an international recognition by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage for Humanity. Our headquarters are located in-situ by the communities of master-artisans. We pride ourselves in our direct work with the most talented Ecuadorian artisans capable of weaving by hand the finest straw hats in the world through a process fraught with profound knowledge, artistic vision and great craftsmanship.
Our mission is to build cultural bridges between distant and distinct parts of the world by creating products that initiate conversations, that inspire curiosity and that enhance the lives of the people that make them and the people that wear them.
Our vision is to live in a world where every person is able to dream knowing that they can live their dreams, where culture and art are the corner stone of an abundant lifestyle and where love is recognized as the guiding force for all endeavors. 

About our products

At METIER we work directly with the weavers to elevate the next generation of master craftsmen and women, not with regards to merely creating products of beauty, but through a holistic approach in the pursue of happiness, prosperity and self realization. 

We focus in the rescue of an ancient tradition through the innovation in design, the empowerment of the culture and lifestyle of the artisans, and the sustainability and ethics behind the production of each piece. All our hats are made with 100% natural organic straw fiber, sustainable, and cruelty free.

Our products portray a fusion of ancestral techniques with creative designs that are nothing but fashion forward, purposeful accessories for you to deck up. 

Social Development
Money does not solve problems, humans do. Besides paying fair prices, we focus on empowering the communities with which we work directly by educating the people on sustainable living so that their entire living conditions improve as a whole. Learn more about our Community Resilence Program

Our founders keep a smile on their faces because they have found a purposeful meaning to their lives that allows them to be creative and passionate about what they do.
Diana and Alessandro are the creative force behind METIER. They are heart-led visionaries connected on soul level who are determined to create a masterpiece out of their life. They take every opportunity to show humanity that love is the reason we all exist and they infuse this energy into every piece they create.

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