About Us

METIER supports a tradition that has an international recognition by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage for Humanity. Our headquarters are located in-situ by the communities of master-artisans capable of producing the most outstanding qualities of hats woven entirely by hand. Our mission is to inspire creativity, elevate the principles of craftsmanship and create exceptional pieces full of heritage and authenticity that bridge the gap between ancient techniques and avant-garde genius. 

About our products

At METIER we work directly with the weavers to elevate the next generation of master craftsmen and women, not with regards to merely creating products of beauty, but through a holistic approach in the pursue of happiness, prosperity and self realization. 

Our products portray a fusion of ancestral techniques with creative designs that are nothing but fashion forward, purposeful accessories for you to deck up. 

Social Development
Money does not solve problems, humans do. Besides paying fair prices, we focus on empowering the communities with which we work directly by educating the people on sustainable living so that their entire living conditions improve as a whole.   Learn more about our Community Resilience Program 

Our founders keep a smile on their faces because they have found a purposeful meaning to their lives that allows them to be creative and passionate about what they do. They are our 30 CEO’s with a relentless commitment to the pursuit of excellence in all that they do. Learn more about our leaders

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