Nespresso 108th US Open Polo Championship 2012

Our participation in the Nespresso 108th U.S. OPEN Polo Championship, at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, was nothing less thn memorable. The quality of the club as well as of the event was great. Sundays are the days for the best matches and people in Palm Beach are always expecting the adrenaline of the games. Whether they rent a space for tail-gating or are part of the Sunday brunches at the Pavilion, they make sure to have a grad time making their own experience while watching the matches.

There is a lot of style all over Polo life. The game as a whole is a lifestyle, players really find their metier (talent) in this field as they are able to control the horses and be true acrobats while moving at high speeds on their efforts to make a goal. On the other side, the spectators find polo matches as an opportunity to hang out and showcase their unique style by wearing their best outfits. And here is when we came in: our hand-woven hats are the best complement for the most exquisite people in the world. So we made a great match. We had the opportunity to sell and communicate our mission during 3 Sundays of the Championship. The experience was great! We also met great people, including Aaron Carter who picked up his one of a kind hat from our Kolors collection! After every match we always joined the after party at the IPC pool with nice music and cocktails. It was Sunday and people just kept partying like a Friday! The final had Zacara as the achiever of the cup. 

Visit our facebook page for some shots from this event.


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