It's been a hot minute!

Hey hat lovers! It's been a long while since the last time we had the chance to sit and write a blog entry here. Recently we decided we would love to have this portal reactivated to communicate with you and keep everyone updated of what's going on here in the heart of the Ecuadorian Andes. 

In the last years lots has changed. Our family grew, now we have 2 little hat makers on our team 🥰🤣. 
We moved from the coast region and now we are based in the indigenous weavers community of Chobshi in the Andes of Ecuador. We will explain more about this magical ancestral settlement and the journey that brought us here in a future post. 
We keep going on our path of self realization and development and we are devoted to the awakening of the human potential! We all have that natural ability, we all have that innate talent, we just have to powerfully own it!
Many things are different now, but what has remained is our love for the ancestral traditions and the artisans keeping them alive. We are still learning so much everyday and every time we feel more passion about being this bridge in between this world and yours. We are so happy and grateful to be closer than ever to master weavers we collaborate with and we want to share more with you about this lifestyle. 
What specific topics would you like to read about? 
What sparks your curiosity? 
Let us know and we will write about it! 
Much love from Ecuador to you ❤🍀✌
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