Community Resilience Program

METIER's Community Resilience Program (CRP) is part of the Holistic Development Initiative (HDI) which seeks to engage businesses, policymakers and civil society at the local, national and international levels to advance transformative solutions to mitigate impacts of global change and help communities adapt and be resilient. 

We work with the local school and organise workshops for kids ages 10 to 16 that are aimed to empower their sense of identity and pride by allowing for the recognition of their abundant nature. Some of the workshops' themes are: culture and arts, nature and environment, meditation and wellbeing.


We are currently in the creation process of the Cultural Center and Public Library. We are always happy and grateful to receive book donations for the reading circle. We are also planning on developing a community park/forest and an outdoors theatre. You can follow our blog to keep track on how everything keeps developing. 


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