"Panama Hats"

All of our hats are natural straw, hand woven hats original from Ecuador. They are infamously known as "Panama Hats" and famous worldwide for being the best summer hats. Light as a feather, soft as silk, fresh as fresh air; these hats are the most coveted accessory to protect your skin and look truly stylish. 

What makes these hats so special is their lightness and elegance. The natural straw which is manually processed from mature leaves of Carludovica palmata is characterized by its softness, flexibility and durability. Before each hat is weaved, the straw is boiled, dried, bleached or dyed. Each hat is started and finished by the same person. It can take a couple days or even a couple months to finish a hat depending on the thickness of the straw and the tightness of the weave. The finer the straw, the finer the weave and the better the quality of an honest-to-goodness hand-woven natural straw hat.

Our Innovations

This collection offers options for those who prefer to be classic and keep it simple. The style of these hats is set by the combination of the colors of the straw, complemented by the effect of the colors of our bands. 

From our collection of hand-picked vintage ties this is a one of a kind METIER hat. We have rescued ties from flea markets and obscure wardrobes, upcycled them and brought them back to life. The uniqueness of this hand-woven hat along with the tie's timeless vintage style makes it a collector’s item. 

The craftsmanship and the art of weaving each hat by hand makes them unique. The use of color to create patterns with the natural straw makes this METIER hat one of a kind. This is an expression of creativity in every way and we like to celebrate it. This is a hat with personality.

The cultural heritage and weaving abilities of Pre-Colombian Andean cultures are expressed to this day through hand embroidery in small rural communities of Ecuador. This dignifying folk art combines unique designs and colors exquisitely embroidered in nature inspired patterns, an art form that reflects expertise and culture.
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