Our Story

METIER refers to the innate talent, the natural ability we all have, to do something good. We recognise genius in handcrafted goods in the endeavor to keep ancestral traditions and their cultural heritage alive. The fusion of avant-garde sustainable creativity with ancient techniques that have defied the proof of time result in a line of unique products that are able to speak on their own and awaken our emotions. 

Established in 2009 with the aim to create a world-class luxury brand that would serve as a cultural ambassador of our Ecuadorian heritage, METIER presents the finest hand-woven hats in the world. Our products are now sold in every continent and can be found at the boutiques of the Four Seasons Resorts among other luxury fashion retailers and in our own flagship showroom & atelier opened in 2021 in Punta Cana.

Steven Spielberg. Cotopaxi. Whale shark. Scholarship. Galapagos. Sailing the Severn river. Hermès. Piaget. Maserati. A three million dollar hat. So many stories to tell so far and so many more now weaving. By believing in ourselves and being determined to make the impossible possible we've seen the most magical things unveil. Our greatest leaps of faith, the biggest risks we've taken, have showed us the unlimited possibilities we are capable of creating for ourselves. Our story is happening right now. As it is also yours. By allowing the present moment to pass through with an open heart, willing for all things to happen, appreciating each detail, we start to feel again, we start to feel too much. By awakening our senses we discover limitless inspiration, curiosity and creativity within ourselves. We fuel the passion that drives us to share our light through what we do and build pride in what we can achieve as humans. We make a difference by being different. 

Photo credit: Lila Photo, www.metiercrafts.com

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