The meaning of our logo

The METIER logo is an expression of who we are, what we do and what inspires us. Its symmetry is inspired in pre-columbian art and has several different meanings and ways to be looked at. First of all it calls for all of us to take time to meditate, breathe and just be as it can be seen as a person sitting in a lotus position. It can also be interpreted as a representation of an artisan whose arms stretch out to reach as far as possible. Also, if you follow its symmetrical lines from both ends towards the center, it represents the work of the artisans and ours coming together to meet up and complement each other resulting in a perfect circle of trust. There is also a number 3 that you can see when you rotate it to the right; it represents the three founders of METIER. And if you turn it around and upside down you can also find the METIER letters embedded in it. Can you find all of them? Hint: the M is right there right now and then if you rotate it to the left you'll be able to see the E, upside down you'll find the T, the I is right side up in the middle of the logo, then again to the E and the R is in the left side of the logo looking at it right side up. How cool is that? 
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