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METIER supports a tradition that has an international recognition by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage for Humanity. Our headquarters are located in-situ by the communities of master-craftsmen capable of producing the most outstanding qualities of handmade hats in the world.


IKAT SCARVES. Ikat is one of the oldest forms of textile decoration. Never printed, colours are the result of using natural inks in a pre-Columbian weaving style. A must for collectors, made of silk and in wooden looms, these scarves will surprise you with its soft texture and unique brightness. Learn more of what is about to become your favorite new accessory 


PANAMA HATS. By working directly with the weavers we provide a more authentic, honest and experiential dimension of the aspirations and real needs of this craftwork. The weaving of these hats is an intricate technique that is passed down from generation to generation, and its production, from sourcing the raw material to weaving the finest natural fiber hats, is completely local and sustainable. Ecuador is the only country in the world where the so famous "panama" hats are woven. Learn more about this fascinating tale of a wrongly named but perfectly hand-made hat from Ecuador!


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